To this day, almost all insurance companies operating on the French market are members.

ARGOS represents an economic stake for the community, because each year, thousands of vehicles are stolen and represent several million euros of damage. This theft risk is included in the insurance premiums.

Today, ARGOS supports law enforcement agencies in the field to provide expertise in the detection and identification of stolen vehicles and enables the discovery of nearly 11,000 vehicles per year.

France Assureurs

In 2022, the French Insurance Federation becomes France Assureurs.

Since 2016, the French Insurance Federation has brought together the FFSA and GEMA in a single organization. The FFA thus brings together insurance and reinsurance companies operating in France, ie 280 companies.

The main missions of France Assureurs:

  • Preserve the entire economic and social field in relation to insurance activities,
  • Represent insurance with national and international public authorities, institutions and administrative or local authorities,
  • Provide a place for consultation and analysis of financial, technical or legal issues, Provide essential statistical data for the profession,
  • Inform the public and the media
  • Promote preventive actions
  • Promote the place of insurance in academia and training.



ARGOS has been a member of GPSA (Professional Management of Insurance Services) since January 1, 2008. The GIE GPSA brings together 26 professional organizations whose study or operational activities result from a decision by the profession of the FFA or of a legal or regulatory obligation concerning the insurance sector.

GPSA's mission is to manage all the means necessary required for the activity of the professional member organizations: human resources, accounting-finance, general resources, premises.

Agreements with public authorities


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With International Bodies

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Agreements with private partners

  • Long-term rental companies, leasing / financing
  • Short-term rental companies
  • Geolocation companies
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