The ARGOS professional space evolves and becomes myARGOS

The vehicle theft study in France in 2022 is online on My ARGOS

Publication of 2022 training offers for ARGOS members

Who are we

Founded in 1984, ARGOS is a professional non-profit insurance organization. It acts in the public interest to search for, identify and recover stolen vehicles. To this day, almost all insurance companies operating on the French market are members.

ARGOS represents an economic stake for the community, because each year, thousands of vehicles are stolen and represent several million euros of damage. This theft risk is included in the insurance premiums.

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Through the management of a single automobile database, fed provided by insurers, public authorities, manufacturers, rental companies, engraving companies and pounds

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Thanks to a network of technicians who are experts in the identification and falsification of stolen vehicles, and the provision of a unique database, ARGOS ID.

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Thanks to a team of managers responsible for repatriation in France and abroad, legal restitution and sales or abandonment procedures on the spot.

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Vehicle identification assistance tool developed by ARGOS. This technical data base is available to third parties, in particular law enforcement agencies.

Awareness program and training modules for law enforcement officials. The aim is to share the knowledge and know-how of ARGOS in the field of detection of stolen vehicles.

Secure professional web space dedicated on the one hand to our members, on the other hand to French and foreign authorities. This site makes it possible to optimize the exchanges and the use of our services.



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